5 Huge Games in my life

Keeping with the gaming theme again, this blog is a list of 5 games that have made a huge impact on my life. The original idea was going to be to list my top 5 games but that proved to be too hard of a decision to make in one day. Speaking with a few friends about the blog (it was one of their ideas to be truthful), we all had very different ideas on what would be in our top 5 games. Each of us wanted to split the lists in to our top single player games or top multiplayer games, there was also mention of top game series. I made a draft list, then had second thoughts and made another list, then a third and fourth list followed. So I have decided to go back to the original list and change the blog from my top 5 games to 5 games that had a huge impact on my gaming life.

So here we go

Number 5: Sonic The Hedgehog simply the first game that really got me hooked. I think I first played this when I was 5 or 6. I can’t ever remember getting further than the 3rd level in my young age, but I can clearly remember the soundtrack and the sound effects of each action. I think a lot of people would say Sonic 2 was the better game and had the better music (certainly the theme song) but the original makes the cut for me simply because it was the gateway game to probably the biggest hobby of my life.

Number 4: Resident Evil 1. This may seem a little weird to people that know me as I really don’t like Zombie themed games, books, movies, TV shows. So why Resident Evil? Well for one it is the first game that generally made me jump (The first time that dog jumped through the fucking window! Still gets me to this day). I really enjoyed the story of the Umbrella corporation and the creation of the T Virus. Having 2 different playable characters from the start was something I also enjoyed. It was the first game I really had to learn to save bullets because in the very next room you could be in a boss fight. I spent many hours playing through this game and having to reload from save points to see if there was a different way I could do something. A great game.

Number 3: Halo Combat Evolve. This game was the first game I spent hundreds of hours online playing, I had it on both Xbox and PC. Playing the Xbox with 4 player split screen around Ditchell’s house was so much fun, Stealth Sniper only on hang em high! As group we were pretty sure we invented this game type. Playing multiplayer on the PC was then on another completely different level. This was were I fell in love with FPS as a genre and made me see the light when it comes to the PC vs Console argument. Didn’t matter what game type we played TDM, DM, CTF or King of the hill I would always enjoy myself. It also gave birth to Trained 4 action (-T4A-) our FPS clan.

Number 2: Metal Gear Solid, I think it was my brother Ian that first got Metal Gear on the Playstation 1 and I had to wait for him to get bored of it to try playing it, or get onto disk 2 I can’t remember. This was my first exposure to the Metal Gear series which I can easily say would be in at number 1 if this was a list of my top series of games. The first reason was Solid Snake was possibly the the coolest character that I had come across in my short time gaming. I had never really played a game before where the idea was to go around undetected and set as little alarms off as possible. Each and every boss fight tested your wits and abilities, and the game never once felt repetitive. What springs to mind is the Cut Scenes (Ninja) which blew me away. The twist and turns of the story just kept me wanting to play every minute I could. This is a game I could easily go back and play through again and again and never get bored.

Number 1: Call Of Duty 2, it kinda had to be, didn’t it. As mentioned in a previous blog I believe the time I spent playing this game with friends was the best time of my “gaming” life. Single player was good fun, nothing amazingly special but good fun, the tank mission is one that sticks in my mind. Multiplayer was where this game wins over everything. -T4A- moved onto COD2 from Halo and as I have said before we was pretty good. We had practice nights where we trained on our home maps, discussed tactics and nailed tac nades. We had our 8 man Lan over the weekend where we played a few rounds on Carentan, Harbor and Leningrad all of which I really enjoyed. Although I was far from my best and a long way off of good. It made me want to play it again and relive the good times we all had playing it.

I am sure this list will change in years to come and I will try and work on my overall top 5 games but for now this will do.


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