How Cech signing could possibly impact the squad.

So we have signed Petr Cech so far and personally I am very excited about this signing. We have struggled with goal keepers since Jens Lehmann. Aside from his outstanding ability he is another player along with Alexis and Ozil with a real winning mentality. I think the back to back FA cups will have given every player at the club the hunger to go on an win the league but we still need to add players for certain positions to the group which allows for enough squad depth. I hope he will also take Wojciech Szczęsny under his wing, Szczesny in terms of being a goal keeper is still very young and has already got bundles of Premier League experience under his belt, a couple of years training and learning from Cech could help him step up and become the goal keeper I hope he can be.

Cech will also offer more leadership to the team, and I think it will be interesting to see what impact he will have on the back four. Last season in my opinion our strongest defence was Hector Bellerin, Per Mertesacker, Laurent Koscielny and Nacho Monreal. Bellerin for me was outstanding and one of the biggest surprises last season, he took his chance and has not looked back since, and it will be a very good battle between him and Mathieu Debuchy for that first team spot. Monreal was preferred over Kieran Gibbs from midway through the season and although at the time I didn’t agree but he is out and out a better defender. The centre back pairing of Mertesacker and Koscielny has been so big for Arsenal in terms of positive results, with the pair of them playing together we concede far fewer goals and look solid. Take either of them out and things start to go wrong. They both clearly have a very good understanding off each others games and have a system in place to cope which allows them to cover each over. This partnership is one I believe Cech is going to impact the most, for me two of Mertesackers best attributes are Leadershp and Organization. He clearly commands the back line and keeps it tight which then allows the others around him to just concentrate on playing football, which is why I think Thomas Vermaelen and Koscielny never really worked together, both are technically fantastic footballers but neither of them seemed to organize and this was then down to a very young at the time Wojciech Szczęsny. I know that Vermaelen was captain at the time but I never really felt he was a leader and would be surprised if anyone else did. With Cech in the picture we may see Gabriel Paulista and Koscielny partnered more often. From what I have seen from Gabriel and it has been very limited so far he is a strong in the air, quick, comfortable on the ball and a decent tackler but again and this may well be down to him still learning English he doesn’t seem to be an organiser / leader. With Cech being in the team the reliance on Mertesacker to do the organization my not be needed. Which for me will be a little sad as I am a BFG fan and always have been, his positional sense makes up for his lack of pace but having a defensive line all with pace could be a massive difference.

The arrival of Cech also means the exit for someone. I can only see this being David Ospina and after the Copa America there must be a queue of teams wanting to pick him up with several impressive performances. I just don’t think he is a Premier League winning goal keeper. He is a fantastic shop stopper but he made very questionable decisions and at times when he made saves, his motions didn’t look natural to me. I think he had a good season last season but if we want to compete at the highest level we need the best players, I would also like to see us sign a top class striker but have a feeling Wenger see’s Walcott getting the goals we needed.


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