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I am currently trying to save money, which of course is making me want to spend money. Currently I keep looking at computer peripherals more than anything. The main three peripherals that I am looking at, shall we say, upgrading are my chair, monitor and headphones.

Lets start with the chair. I have made my mind up on what I want and that is the DXRacer Maximum Series Gaming Chair. I have looked at several reviews and the DXRacer series seems to be everything I am looking for. They seem to do the rounds on Pro gaming scene as well… which also helped in my decision making. The Maximum Series seems to be the middle of the range from these guys but still at £279 it would take some justifying.

Nice right!

Next up is a new headset. There are a few I have been looking at. I want something that supports 7.1 sound so have been looking at these 3 headsets.
1. Razor Kranken 7.1 chrome at £89.99 this is certainly the most likely at the moment. I have owned Razor mice for the last 7, maybe 8, years and I like the brand but the headsets themselves don’t rate the highest on any reviews that I have found. So it does make me a little hesitant.

2. SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism at £179 – £200 it is a bit on the pricey side. The reviews I have seen on them all tend to be pretty positive but I am not the biggest fan of the design.

3. Sennheiser PC363D, these are likely my top choice, I currently have PC 320 and for the price at the time I purchased until now have been fantastic. The sound quality is brilliant. The upgrade to PC363D would be around £210 which is a fair amount, but stock in this country doesn’t seem to exist.

square_louped_PC363D razer_kraken_0 71itsj4gjmL._SL1500_

Monitor wise, I have been looking at 4k monitors. I am running an SLI set up at the moment and think the 4K monitor is all that is missing to make some games look unbelievable. The idea is to run the 24″ monitor I currently have as second monitor next to this as well. I have not really done too much research into this yet but early doors my eye was being drawn towards this..

I have had Asus monitors for the last 5 years and never had any issues with performance or reliability.The down side to the 4k monitors is the price tag that comes with them. This monitor being approximately £420 and I would say it is entry level. In a year something like this is likely to be floating around the £300 mark I reckon.

I am sure there will be other bits that turn my head but I most stay strong, well so I don’t get told off by Aj anyway.


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