So for me it was a weekend of semi-finals. First of all, Arsenal was in the FA cup semi-final against Reading. This on paper should have been a pretty straight forward win for Arsenal and giving the squad we put out as well, I think we really made a meal out of it. I was unable to watch the last 5 minutes of normal time or extra time due to having booked to see Wicked (which was awesome) with my lovely Girlfriend before the semi-final dates were announced. So we watched up until around the 82nd minute and I thought Arsenal were pretty poor. We didn’t really create any great chances from open play and looked a bit vulnerable to counter attacks. After going up 1 – 0 in the first half (What a pass by Ozil by the way), I thought that Reading would open up a bit more and we would be able to punish them, however this didn’t happen. Other than the Liverpool result I would say we have not played very well at all in a while. We have scraped through and got results, which is what all good teams do, but we need to step up the performances with Chelsea and Manchester United coming up and of course the FA cup final on the 30th May, which sadly is not on my birthday this year.

Fa Cup Winners

My Sunday league team also featured in a semi-final for the division cup and for whatever reason the last 2 seasons we have struggled to win matches in the league but when it comes to the cup we step it up. This weekend was no exception, a 5 – 3 home win that saw a player from each side being sent off. Both of the red cards in my opinion were a little harsh, the first was a deflected clearance that hit a defenders arm on the goal line. The ref awarded us a penalty and “by letter of the law” had to send the player off for stopping a clear goal scoring opportunity. The second red card was given to our player, lucky by this point we were 3 – 1 up. Our player picked up the ball near the half way line got past their left back and one of their center backs came diving in and got nothing but our players ankle. The Ref gave a throw in to the other team and said he thought our player dived. “FUCK OFF REF” was all anyone heard. The ref had warned us that if anyone swore at him during the match the least they would get would be a yellow card, that would have been nice. We let the team get back into the match but was able to score a couple of good goals at crucial times to lower their heads again.

Then it was the second FA cup semi-final between Liverpool and Aston Villa. I didn’t watch any of the match but am happy that Liverpool didn’t make the cup final simple because it would have been all about Steven Gerrard, and how it is written in the stars that his last match for Liverpool would be an FA cup final and all the over bollocks that comes with that… So thank fuck for Tim Sherwood and Aston Villa (words I didn’t think I would ever say).


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    1. Cheers for that, and you played well not sure on the MOM though Langley, I mean taking the spot kick away from a player on a hat trick is a bit of a mean thing to do!

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