Lazy Blogger

So I have kind of got lazy with my blog and going forward I am going to try to create new content every Thursday evening. I think It will be focusing mostly on gaming / IT hardware, with the odd article about life in general and rants about Arsenal and football. I hope to start kick this back into life with a fresh new article this Thursday.

So a brief summary of bits since the last article…My lovely girlfriend and I are looking at buying a house (scary thought).
Dota2 International was pretty special and I enjoyed watching the majority of it. I watched the final with the guys I play with at a ‘Pubstomp’, which was more like a warehouse than anything else.
Other then losing to West Ham at Home I think Arsenal have started off the season well. They haven’t been playing greatly in every match at the moment but grinding out results. Although Cech didn’t have a great game against West Ham he made up for it against Liverpool, and I think he is going to be worth his weight in gold come the end of the season.
Sunday league wise our old team folded sadly but Alan, Lee and myself have joint a new team and I am pretty excited about the new season coming up. We have a good bunch of lads on the new team, some quality players and a manager with some real drive as well. Baxter is really coming along as a pup now and is a pretty quick learner. He has learnt Sit, Lay Down, Wait, Speak and Paw, and we are working on Other Paw at the moment. Roll Over will follow.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned Thursday evenings


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