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So I have been online gaming since I was in year 8 of school. It all started for me on Medal of Honor Allied Assault, a game I didn’t stick with for very long in fairness, but it was the start to my second biggest hobby of my life so far. I first started playing with guys from school. We would rush home from school, jump on our PC’s and sit up as late as we could to play. This became later and later as we got older and moved to Halo Combat Evolved, again it was the same guys from school I played with: Phil (B3rlab), Ditch (Sephiroth) and Bob(Xp3rt). We were playing every night and every weekend so we decided to make a team called Trained 4 Action (T4A) and join a league. We started playing league games and from what I remember we did pretty well a lot of the time. Our main competition at the time were Here 2 0wn (H20), we regularly played against these guys and I think we beat them as much as they beat us. At one time they pinched Phil and Bob from us….this was the point I had to keep T4A alive and recruit some new guys include a guy I still speak to every once in a while, and have as a friend on my Facebook / Snapchat to this day, Rory (M3rcury). He is someone I think I may have even drunkingly met at Reading Festival one year. As a group we then moved to Call of Duty 2 and this was the game we played for years. Phil and Mitch were back on board and we then added Luke (Squeek) to the team, still with Bob and M3rc. We must have played this from around year 10 up until we were 18/19 and we were very good. We then added a couple more guys to the team. A guy I met at my first job and still work with to this day Martyn (v0r73x) and another gamer Chris (Reb). We had regular training sessions and played in the Clanbase leagues. Again we had a very good win rate and sat at the top or near to the top of ladders regularly. We never got to a LAN together though, which was our big downfall. As a group we spent more time online with each other on a teamspeak server than we did with our families. Our 2nd biggest downfall was World of Warcraft. Bob, Phil, Martyn, Luke and me (FuNGuS) all started playing it….some more than others (Martyn cough cough). This for me over the years killed my ability to play FPS. There are two things I get stressed with in life, and both due to my competitive nature. The first is football, I can’t stand losing and and am never happy when Arsenal lose either, and the second is sucking at video games. Anyone that has played FPS with me will know how fucked off I get when I get killed more than 3 times in a row without getting a kill back. Playing FPS now, knowing that I used to play at a very good level, is frustrating when I get killed as I believe old Clive would of got the kill. All you will hear from my room/house is me f’ing and blinding. For me the days of playing COD2 with the guys was the best gaming days of my life…school and work were very little distraction and I could go an entire day without moving from my chair or getting fed up.

I still online game but it does not get as much time as it used to. I now dedicate the online gaming time to DOTA2, and to be honest I may not spend as much time playing as I did Call of Duty, but it probably gets more time in total. Over the last 2 years if I have been at a PC outside of work, I have either been playing, watching or reading something about DOTA2. I no longer play with any of the guys that I played COD2 with as none of them have gotten the DOTA2 bug (idiots). I still play with close friends and again spend a lot of time in a TS server with these guys. Through DOTA2 I have now met (at the International PubStomp) all of the guys we play with…there are around 11 of us: Lee (Possessed), Adz (6God), Will (Rubber Duck), Alan (Spotlight), Langley (Colossus), these are the local lads. James (Rezi), Matt (Bowler), Ross (Cornish), Stewart (Shady) and Tom (Kaelshiko) are all from Woking with the exception of Ross, no bets where he is from. Unfortunately we have never managed to play in leagues yet. It is something we have discussed but things and schedules get in the way of us trying to practice and what not.

Me and few of the guys mentioned above with a couple of others are doing our second LAN event, in which we are planning to play some of the old school games. COD2 is big on my list and I am hoping to get some serious time on it. We may even see a round of the core T4A players get a round together for the good old days.

As cheesy and gay as it is, some of the best moments of my life have been sitting in my room surround with my online gaming buddies having a blast, shooting the shit and killing some chumps online! So anyone that has been involved in this (even the chumps) thanks for the times.


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