The Coming Months

It is Thursday, so as promised here is the new blog. I was struggling for ideas about what to write but then my wonderful girlfriend suggested talking about what is coming up over the next few months leading up to Christmas.

So my Sunday league is supposed to be starting this weekend but the Great British weather has put a stop to that but hopefully will start next weekend. At the end of September I am spending a couple of nights in Windsor with AJ and her grandparents. This was booked as AJ is due to be running a half marathon, so we decided to make a bit of a weekend out of it. We are planning to check out a National Trust site during the day Saturday and then just chill. Then on the Sunday we will have a couple of drinks after AJ has completed the run.

In October we have two NFL matches in London to go to. On Sunday the 4th we see the Dolphins host the Jets, this is unfortunately the same day Arsenal host Manchester United. However as the Dolphins are the team I follow when it comes to American football I will be sacrificing the possibility of seeing Arsenal. It isn’t every weekend the NFL is in London, that being said we have another NFL game on the 25th when the Jaguars host the Bills. We have also booked to stay at The Rookery as we are attending the Jaguars pre game brunch and after party. October is certainly a busy month, in between the two matches we also have a trip to Berlin planned. Germany is a country that I have wanted to visit for years but never done anything in regards to making it happen. AJ has been the driving force that has made this finally happen. There are many sites I want to see and if I like it as much as I think I will, there will likely be more visits to the country over the coming years. The weekend of the Dolphins match I have a little LAN event planned from the Friday evening to Saturday evening where me and a few mates plan to play some old school games. The likes of Call of Duty 2 and UT2K3 are just two of the games.


November is a little quieter but sees us going to a Christmas Fair at London’s Olymipa. Then we have the 3rd and final NFL game of the season in London when the Chiefs host the Lions. This being the only game that doesn’t clash with a big home game for Arsenal.

In December AJ and I have got each other an early Christmas present and are going to For The Love of the Force Star Wars Convention in Manchester. This looks really cool and has full sized X-Wing fighter, The Cantina and an Ewok Village where AJ can walk among her own people (she’s pretty short). Then we will both be busy with family and Christmas stuff.

So October on paper is currently the busiest of the months, but we have an offer in on a house and depending on what happens with that could throw a real spanner in any of the months.


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