The Division Hype

Hey Guys an Gal’s,

It has been a while and once again I lost motivation to generate any sort of content for the site, so I have decided to change the content a little. It will be moving away from anything and everything to one of my biggest passions gaming, let’s see if this keeps me motivated.

First post for the new content is going to be the up and coming title The Division. Several of my friends and I have been looking forward to this game since it was first announced at E3 back in 2013. The new engine being developed for the game looked incredible, the city looked beautiful and the way vehicles and surroundings were effected by gun fire, all breath taking! I stopped watching the official videos for the game as I didn’t need any more hype and I decided I was going getting the game so pre-ordered it. This would allow me to play a bit of the Beta when it was out in January to get a real feel for the game.

Me and a few friends planned to play as much as possible over the beta weekend, but unfortunately for me other plans got in the way and I was only able to play around 4 hours of the game. To be honest I was underwhelmed with what I did play, I felt that there was very little content for the beta. After you played through the hospital mission all you had left was PVP and this felt very aimless at times. We would log in and literally do nothing on the game for an hour or two. I do understand not wanting to release too much of the game in the Beta, but this has made me worry about final release and the amount of content. It is clearly going to be a game that will be introduce DLC which off the bat annoys me, but let’s see how long that takes… 6 months down the line it is fine but if it is 2 months after the game is released I will not be impressed.

With all of that said, I have had the dispatch email and can’t wait to get online with a few of my friends to really hammer this game. We shall be playing on the PC and I think it will be a game that will really push my rig to the edge. I am sad to say but I am expecting server issues for the first couple of days as with any massive multiplayer RPG, Ubisoft release history aside. If I get a chance I may even stream a little, we shall see.

Will this be the game that gets me away from Dota2? Only time will tell!


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