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So for a couple of reasons I have not kept as up to date as I used to with TV shows, old and new. From the shows I have been able to keep up with here is a little list of my favourites and why. The order of which is my favourite is very hard to choice but I think it is this order at the moment.

5. Califonication – I came into this show midway into it’s life. I think I started watching it when it was midway through season 4. I started with a random episode on Netflix and then got hooked. I believe there are two main characters in Hank Moody and his Agent Charlie Runkle (people may see both of their main love interests as main characters as well), but I personally feel these two characters are why you watch the show. It managed to last 7 seasons and each of them I enjoyed very much, but got the feeling in the last season, that it needed to be the last. My favourite part of the show I think was Runkle’s stint being gay! Low point of the show… Hank’s daughter’s voice!

4. Boardwalk Empire – This show started just as I finished reading Lucky Luciano: Mafia Murderer and Secret Agent, so the timing was perfect. I was very much into anything gangster related. At the time I did not know that show was going have Lucky, Al Capone or Meyer Lansky characters, this was a massive bonus. The budget on the show must of been huge as every scene is fantastic. The actors casted Steve Buscemi, Stephen Graham, Michael K Williams and Dabney Coleman being the stand outs for me. Anyone who likes gangster stuff should watch it, anyone that likes great drama should also watch it. The favourite part for me was Richard storming a whore house. I haven’t watched season 5 but I know it is the last season, so what I want to see from it is the rise of the characters Al Capone (started to happen season 4), Lucky and Meyer.. In history they all became very powerful men and if the show does not begin to touch on that then I will be slightly disappoint.

3. Game of Thrones – I have not read the books and didn’t watch the show when it first aired. I managed to get my hands on season 1 before season 2 started and decided that I was going to watch the entire 1st season the weekend before season 2 started. What a show! Within 30 minutes of the first episode I was hooked and had questions, and then the ending of season 1 … left me shocked and full of more questions. Then me and my house mate at the time Alex would watch each new episode every Monday night after playing football with a portion of donna meat and chips. As good as this was though, I didn’t enjoy the second season as much as I had the first. I think this is down to waiting all week for the show. I feel this show needs to be saved up and watched at least a couple of episodes at a time, as there is so much going on in each episode that I think you lose track of things watching just one episode a week. Favourite moment so far? Well I am not sure you can beat the shock of what happens to old Ned Stark. Low point so far is Rob Stark though. I don’t want to go into much more detail due to spoiling things but it just felt too early for me.


2. House of Cards – I have already blogged about my excitement when Season 3 made it’s way to Netflix. Needless to say me and Aj have finished this already and I enjoyed it greatly. Kevin Spacey is fantastic in the show and I love the way he addresses the audience as well. I really loved the end of the first episode of season 3. Again I don’t really want to spoil anything for people that have not watched this just yet, so favourite point so far has to be when Frank takes over the Senate. Low point has to be Doug at the end of season 2….

1. Breaking Bad – So many people say that they really struggled with Breaking Bad, I am not sure why? It can be a little slow in places, yes and especially season 1. For me this show gives you everything you want in a drama and made me go through a roller-coaster of emotions throughout the season for both Walter and Jesse. For me I started out feeling sorry for Walter and his situation, and hating Jesse for being a a selfish idiot but by season 5 that had completely switched to the other way around. The show has moments when you general don’t know what the fuck is going to happen next. Both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have you completely mesmerized. I can’t single out my favourite part or my least favourite part of this show… it is just too good. I can’t wait to watch through it again in a couple of year’s time.


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  1. Just literally finished Breaking Bad tonight. How people say it’s hard to get in to I’ll never know, I was hooked from the start.

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